Vortrag am 27. September 2011


Vortrag am 27. September 2011

Talk Announcement

Speaker: Leendert Wienhofen (SINTEF / NTNU Trondheim)

Title: Handling Events in a Clinical Environment

Date: Tuesday September 27th 2011 at 2:00 pm

Location: S202 – A102

Leendert W.M. Wienhofen
Leendert W.M. Wienhofen


In this talk, we present an approach for contextualizing an event-based decision support system for scheduling patient assessments in a hospital. Through observations of a specific workflow in a Norwegian University Hospital, we found that the clinical environment offers a number of challenges that seem under-addressed in current event-related literature.

For example: To cope with unexpected delays, patient coordinators often pursue a worst case scenario when scheduling patient assessments, leading to an underutilization of human resources and equipment when the procedure went without complications. We present a context-based decision support system for patient planning that helps the patient coordinator with taking well-informed rescheduling decisions and anticipating changes in other patients' schedules. The system uses information and events produced by medical equipment. As these events can be nondeterministic, we demonstrate how our domain specific context model can be used to contextualize events to enhance their quality and ascertain their meaning. We are currently implementing the system and have already found that traditional approaches do not fit our perspective. Reasons for this will be given during the talk.

The talk will mainly be about representing a „version“ of the real world based digital information which was not meant for the purpose that it is used for. An explanation by use of a real life use case (see above) from a hospital that indicate the need for a notion of quality, both event quality and information quality will be addressed.


Leendert Wienhofen. After finishing his B.Eng in The Netherlands, Leendert Wienhofen started working for CognIT a.s in Oslo as a knowledge engineer in 2000. He has mostly been working on EU research projects with a focus on a combination of ontologies, semantic web related technology, mobile platforms and business processes. In 2006, he started working for SINTEF ICT, Scandinavia's largest independent research institute and continued working on projects mostly related to mobile, context aware technology. In 2009 he started working on a PhD at NTNU with the main research focus on quality in event processing technology applied in hospitals. Getting the right information to the right person at the right time has always been one of the main topics in his work

Organizers: Prof. A. Buchmann, Sebastian Frischbier

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