New Talk on June 30th, 2014


New Talk on June 30th, 2014

Talk Announcement – Cocoon Seminar Series

Speaker: Prof. Moeness Amin, Villanova University

Location: Merckstrasse 25, Building S3/06, room 202

Date: Monday Juny 30th, 3:00 p.m.

Title: Multi-frequency Co-prime Arrays for DOA Estimation


Co-prime arrays have found broad applications in both areas of radar and sonar. Co-prime arrays are two subarrays with co-prime elements and co-prime inter-element spacing. The equivalent co-array includes a large number of virtual elements, thus increasing the number of degrees of freedom and enabling direction of arrival estimations of a number of sources much higher than the number of physical elements. In this talk, we discuss techniques based on dual and multiple frequencies which allow the co-prime receiver array to handle a higher number of sources in the field of view compared to its single-frequency counterpart. In particular, we employ dual and multiple frequencies to fill holes in a co-array array, creating a much longer aperture with consecutive elements, thereby enhancing DOA estimation performance. We also present ways to use dual co-prime frequencies to create virtual co-prime array from a linear uniform array. Several simulation examples are provided for both cases.

Short Bio:

Dr. Amin is the Director of the Center for Advanced Communications at Villanova University. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2001; Fellow of the International Society of Optical Engineering, 2007; and a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2010. He is a Recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal, 2000: Recipient of the 2009 Individual Technical Achievement Award from the European Association of Signal Processing; Recipient of the 2010 NATO Scientific Achievement Award; Recipient of the Chief of Naval Research Challenge Award, 2010; Recipient of Villanova University Outstanding Faculty Research Award, 1997; and the Recipient of the IEEE Philadelphia Section Award, 1997. He is the Chair of the Electrical Cluster of the Franklin Institute Committee on Science and the Arts. He has given Plenary Talks at ISSPIT-03, ICASSP-10, ACES-13, IET-13, EUSIPCO-13, STATOS-13, and RADAR-14.

Dr. Amin has over 600 journal and conference publications in the areas of Wireless Communications, Time-Frequency Analysis, Sensor Array Processing, Waveform Design and Diversity, Interference Cancellation in Broadband Communication Platforms, Satellite Navigations, Target Localization and Tracking, Direction Finding, Channel Diversity and Equalization, Ultrasound Imaging and Radar Signal Processing. He co-authored 18 book chapters and is the Editor of two books on Radar Imaging and holds two US Patents on Smart Antennas.

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