Anne Philipp

Anne Philipp

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Fachbereich Mathematik

FG Optimization, S4/10 Raum 113

Dolivostrasse 15, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany

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Mixed-Integer nonlinear models in wireless networks

In this project we explore the utilization of mixed-integer optimization in wireless telecommunication networks. Typical for problems occurring in this context is the simultaneous consideration of continuous optimization variables, e.g., like beamforming vectors and combinatorial aspects, e.g., like the assignment of base stations to mobile users.

Mathematical models are derived that account both for the requirements of the application and the solvability. Usually one has to deal with NP-hard problems in this context that cannot be solved by standard software. We investigate convex approximations as well as heuristics to derive reasonable good solutions. We use these approximations as well as techniques like cutting plane generation aiming to solve the mixed integer nonlinear model of the original problem. The global optimal solution can then also be used to evaluate heuristic and approximation approaches.