Shen, Lufei

Dipl.-Ing. Lufei Shen

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Integrated Electronic Systems Lab

Merckstr.25, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany

+49 (0)6151 16 4939

+49 (0)6151 16 4936


The Institute for “Integrated Electronic Systems” studies in the frame of the LOEWE research project COCOON on the theme of a fully integrated circuit for generation of high voltage (up to 120V). This integrated circuit demonstrates the fast control and regulation of a matching network for the reconfigurable high-frequency-frontend from a battery voltage (3,3V).


The dynamically reconfigurable transceiver architecture in COCOON requires an innovative integrated control circuit. The research concentrations can be found in the field of high voltage generation using analog circuit architectures as well as in the realisation of very fast voltage changes for dynamic reconfiguration of the HF-matching network. The power supply from the portable battery makes further requirements for the energy efficiency of the IC.


Analog/Mixed-signal controllable DC/DC-Converter-Chip

Special feature:

monolithic, high voltage generation, energy efficiency, accuracy of control, robustness, costs