Zhiliang Chen

M.Sc. Zhiliang Chen

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Fachbereich Etit, Institut für Nachrichtentechnik

FG Kommunikationstechnik

Merckstr. 25 (S3/06, 234)

D-64283 Darmstadt

FG Kommunikationstechnik

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Interference management in sensor networks applying interference alignment

For scenarios in the K-user MIMO interference channel with comparable signal and interference strength, interference alignment provides an approach to manage interference. One possibility to reach the maximum achievable K/2 degrees of freedom using interference alignment is the use of beamforming schemes which are applied over several transmit symbols. By weighting the transmit signals, the interfering signals are aligned into the interference subspace of the receiver.

Since the construction of the beamforming vectors which lead to an interference alignment solution is not unique, schemes which identify the optimal beamforming vectors out of the solution space have to be developed assuming high signal-to-noise ratios in a first step. One possible optimization criterion is the maximization of the useful signal power at each receiver. These optimization methods are to be extended to multiple antenna systems.

Finally, for the case of low to medium signal-to-noise ratios, adequate interference management approaches such as suboptimal interference alignment strategies shall be developed and compared to known interference management approaches.