Program STATOS 2013


STATOS will take place at TU Darmstadt, Hochschulstrasse 1, Room 221

Venue description:

TU Darmstadt Altes Hauptgebäude

Building S1/03, Hochschulstrasse 1, Room 221

Only a short distance to Welcome-Hotel

Description of room

TU Darmstadt, sight-board

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Saturday, June 15th, 2013

7:30-8:30 am: Registration and Welcome
8:30-10:00 am: K. Ma, “Semidefinite Relaxation: Classical Developments and Forefront Advances”
10:00-11:00 am: B. Ottersten, “Multi-antenna Signal Processing in Satellite Communications”
Coffee break 11:00-11:30 am  
11:30-12:30 pm: N. Sidiropoulos, “Analyzing (Big) Data Boxes: From Uniqueness of Tensor Decomposition to Multi-Way Compressed Sensing”
Lunch: 12:30-2:00pm  
2:00-3:00pm: A.-J. van der Veen, “Signal Processing Tools for Radio Astronomy”
3:00-4:00pm: S. Barbarossa, “Distributed sensing algorithms for cognitive networks”
Coffee break 4:00-4:30pm  
4:30-5:30pm: G. B. Giannakis, “Compendious State Inference for Wireless Cognitive Networks”

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

8:30-10:00am W. Yin, “Distributed sparse optimization”
10:00-11:15am: M. Amin, “Compressive sensing for urban radar”
Coffee break 11:15-11:30am  
11:15-12:30pm: P. P. Vaidyanathan, “Sparse sensing with coprime sampling lattices”
Lunch: 12:30-2:00pm  
2:00-3:00pm: Y. Eldar, “Sub-Nyquist Sampling: Bounds, Correlations and Hardware”
3:00-4:00pm: G. Leus, “Compressive Power Spectrum Sensing”

STATOS-2013 ends 4:00pm on Sunday 16th

SPAWC-2013 Welcome Reception starts at 7:00 pm at Staatsarchiv, Karolinenplatz